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Castle Harbor Boating School

Castle Harbor Boating School

Frequently Asked Questions

 What happens if it rains?

Only the staff at Castle Harbor may determine whether to continue/cancel a class. Campers will be notified.  Generally light rain is OK if the wind is good.  We don't usually reschedule camp because of one bad day.  Castle Harbor Boating School has many fun alternative weather activities.    

 What should I wear?

Sailors/Boaters should dress in comfortable clothes that can get wet.  Please NO flip-flops.  Dress similar to tennis (soft shoes with closed toes, no black sole, no sandals), hat, sunglasses, maybe a day shirt to change into.

 What should I bring?

Lunch and a refillable water bottle each day. Sunblock. Maybe a towel. Hat & Sunglasses.

 Do I need a motion sickness drug like Dramamine?


 How big is the group?

Limit to 5 per instructor boat for Sailing Camp.
Limit to 4 per instructor boat for Boating Camp.
Limit to 6 per instructor for the twin-engine powerboat.

 Will I get certified?

No, cerifications are for ages 16 and up and that is done in our Adult Programs.   

 What is CHBS cancellation policy?


Cancellation policy is as follows:

  • For Camps - Cancellations made 14 days in advance of camp will receive a full refund of the deposit less administrative fee of $50.

 What is the typical CH experience?

The typical CHBS experience is mostly learning but we do make it FUN!